The aim of this project is to develop leadership competences of young people and support establishing and capacity building of local youth organisations in order to enable them to participate in community policy-making in rural areas of Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and Portugal.

The specific objectives are:

To identify and learn best practices of youth engagement in Portugal, explore the mechanisms of interaction between young people and policymakers and therefore empower 20 young people from Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and Portugal for further local actions.

During the eight-day Training course in Ukraine, to train 24 youth workers from Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and Portugal to become multipliers of youth participation in decision-making at local level and advocate youth needs through the policy agenda.

To support the establishment and capacity building of at least eight local youth organisations (youth councils, youth NGOs, youth parliaments) in Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and Portugal and empower them to influence the decision-making process.

To enhance in the long term the civic competences, sense of initiative and active citizenship of 40 young people with fewer opportunities from rural and disadvantaged areas of Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and Portugal during the seven-day Youth exchange in Ukraine.

To produce and disseminate a youth-friendly brochure on running a youth organisation, handbook on participation and website with best practices and other project outputs to provide accessible resources for local engagement of young leaders.

To combine expertise and experience in youth empowerment, civic engagement, youth work and community development, possessed by four participating organisations, to develop sustainable models of youth participation for their further institutionalisation.

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